New Building Construction Update 8/22/2019

August 22nd, 2019 by

Grey is completing the exterior framing and detailing the front entrance.



On the interior, the second floor is completely framed and the first floor is well on its way.






Watson Electric is completing above ceiling rough-in on the second floor. Once walls started going up, crews followed behind working on in-wall rough-in.




D&L was onsite this past week to deliver, install and weld all of their roof top mechanical curbs, allowing the roofer to move forward.





Highland Roofing laid out insulation and membrane and reached substantial dry-in in only a few days. This included flashing the mechanical curbs and roof drain system.





The team’s next milestone will be roof and envelope dry-in as interior rough-ins begin and aiming for successful inspections over the next six weeks.


Upcoming Construction:

  • Begin exterior sheathing
  • Complete interior
  • Continue above ceiling rough-in
  • Continue in-wall rough-in
  • Set roof top units
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