New Building Construction Update 7/23/2019

July 23rd, 2019 by

After some uncooperative weather, O’Cain Construction set remaining anchor bolts and placed concrete footings so steel erection could continue as scheduled.

All remaining steel deliveries arrived on-site as steel erection made a big push this past week as well as bolts, joists, deck, safety, and more.

Macuch Steel has been working safely and cooperatively and almost all major steel has been set in place making good time for the project schedule.

Columns and beams were set, joists and deck installed, bolts tightened, and welding is ongoing. ECS has been on-site checking connections and welds and has been instrumental in our progress thus far with all things structural.

Big thanks to Watson Electric, O’Cain Construction, and Macuch Steel for meeting with us to discuss our next milestone – slab on grade and 2nd floor slab placement.

Upcoming Construction:

  • Complete bolts, welding, stairs and studs
  • Complete MEP undergrounds
  • MEP prep for SOG and SOD
  • Place 1st and 2nd floor slabs
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