End of Lease – Steps to Complete Your Lease Return

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If you choose to return your INFINITI or replace it with a new one, please follow these simple steps:


1. SCHEDULE YOUR PRE-RETURN VEHICLE INSPECTION: Call the Alliance Inspection Management Center (AIM) at 800.253.9026 or visit https://selfschedule.aiminspect.com for a complimentary, but required, vehicle inspection. INFINITI Retailers are not authorized to perform this inspection, any requests sent, written or verbal, will not be accepted in the termination process.

An AIM, certified inspector will provide an assessment copy of chargeable wear-and-use (if any), along with a Notice of Option to make repairs prior to return.

2. DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO MAKE REPAIRS: If excess wear, and use, is discovered during your inspection, you have the option to repair your vehicle before returning. You may want to consult with your insurance agent to determine what is more beneficial.

3. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR INFINITI RETAILER: Please contact your local authorized INFINITI Retailer 30 days prior to your maturity date to return, replace, or purchase your lease.

4. COMPLETE A FEDERAL ODOMETER/LEASE TERMINATION STATEMENT AT THE RETAILER: Federal and State law require a signed disclosure of your vehicle’s mileage. This document is also necessary to process the termination of your account, and will serve as your receipt for the return of the vehicle. Be sure to request a copy of all documents for your records.

5. SATISFY ANY LEASE LIABILITY FEES/CHARGES: If applicable, you will receive an End-of-Lease liability statement four to six weeks after the vehicle has been returned to your INFINITI Retailer. The statement will detail any current fees/charges remaining, including a disposition fee of up to $395. You may receive subsequent bills after this liability statement that may include, but are not limited to property tax, parking tickets; toll violations, etc. that occurred during the time you were in possession of the leased vehicle.

6. ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Exceeding your total mileage allowance will result in additional charges. Please refer to your lease contract to review all its terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, or if we can be of further assistance, please call 800.887.5155 between 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM CT, Monday through Friday. Again, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist you with your financing needs.

*Loyalty waiver applies up to 30 days after lease termination. Eligibility is determined by leasing or purchasing a new, unused, and unregistered INFINITI vehicle financed through IFS. The registered owner’s name on the current lease, must be the same as the registered owner of the new INFINITI, or held in joint ownership. Customers must satisfy all obligations to IFS in accordance with their current lease agreement. The excess wear-and-use waiver does not apply to excess mileage fees. See Retailer for details.

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